Cactus Garden / Bird Sanctuary Loop
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)
Cactus Garden / Bird Sanctuary Loop - This moderate to moderately strenuous hike provides several different points of interest including a unique overlook, a red barrel / limestone garden, a 5 boulder arch, a walk through trees in the desert and usually a burro or five. The trailhead is located in the large gravel pullout just past the bridge leading into Blue Diamond off of Highway 159. The loop is 7 miles with 1100 feet of elevation gain.

Caldera Loops (Outer & Inner Loops)
(Bootleg Canyon)

Caldera Loops - Within the system of trails in Bootleg Canyon lies the Outer Caldera Loop and the Inner Caldera Loop. Both trails are moderate in nature even though they contain some steep slippery hills on which the bikers love to practice. Both loops can be accessed from a trailhead on the dirt road that runs through Bootleg Canyon or by making an approach on either the East Leg or West Leg Trails. The longer a chosen route is, the more strenuous the hike becomes. The Outer Caldera loop is 4.5 miles with 550 feet of elevation gain. The Inner Caldera Loop is 3 miles with 300 feet of elevation gain. Either of the Caldera Loops are convenient to use as an approach to River Mountain.
Outer Caldera Loop

River Mountain via Inner Caldera Loop

Callville Ridge Plane Crash
(Lake Mead NRA)

Callville Ridge Plane Crash - This hike passes by what little is left of a 1950 plane crash near Callville Bay of Lake Mead. Some of the hike is on a road that was built to service the crash then, after peaking out, the hike loops around through an interesting canyon. The ridge is covered in large igneous rocks that make the hike a different sort of workout. This moderately strenuous hike is 6 miles with around 1000 feet of elevation gain.

Calico Backdoor
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)
Calico Backdoor - This easy hike begins at the wash that crosses Calico Basin Road 0.4 miles from the Highway 159 turnoff. The route heads toward the Calico Hills and immediately climbs up onto the embankment to the left of the wash. The hike continues up to Calico I and returns via the wash or a trail to the right is taken down to the petroglyph area to make a shorter loop. This shorter loop is 3 miles with 900 feet of elevation gain.

Calico Basin
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)
Calico Basin - There are a number of easy to moderate hikes utilizing the trail system on the east side of the Calico Hills that start from either Red Springs picnic area or at the end of Sandstone Drive on the edges of Calico Basin, which is located off Highway 159 about 1/2 miles east of the Red Rock entrance. A few of the trails are designated as official trails, but there are several more that crisscross the open area between the sandstone hills on the west, Ash Creek on the east, and a section of open ground below Krafft Mountain containing many sport-climbing boulders. Distance can vary up to 3 or 4 miles depending on choice of route.

Calico Basin Low Elevation Wander
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

 Calico Basin Low Elevation Wander - This is an easy to moderate 5 mile hike with only 600 feet of elevation gain in Calico Basin. It begins at the Red Springs Picnic Area and wanders over to the bottom of Gateway Canyon on various trails in the basin.

Calico / Gateway Loop
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Calico / Gateway Loop - Originating from the Red Springs Picnic Area at Calico Basin, this 8-mile hike starts around the south end of the Calico Hills and picks up the Grand Circle Trail as it approaches Calico I Overlook. After reaching Sandstone Quarry and picking up the beginning of the Calico Tanks Trail, the route comes around the north end of the sandstone hills past Red Cap and descends Rattlesnake Trail that drops into the middle section of Gateway Canyon. Existing trails take you west past the base of Krafft Mountain back to the eastern side of the Calico Hills and return or follow the drainage of Ash Creek back to the picnic area. The route can also be done in a counter-clockwise direction. Elevation gain is 1500 feet.

Calico Hills
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Calico Hills - This moderate hike begins at a signed trailhead at the start of the Red Rock Scenic Loop Road. The trail follows a ridge to Calico I, drops down toward the overlook, then turns left and climbs onto a ridge next to Calico Canyon. It descends from the ridge on some sandstone slabs and passes Calico II in the drainage. As it climbs the next ridge, it passes a large slab with ancient petroglyphs on the way to Sandstone Quarry. Reverse the direction to return to the starting point. Variations can be made with side trails. Total distance for the out-and-back hike is 6 miles with 725 feet of elevation gain.

Calico Hills Loop (Fee Booth to Sandstone Quarry)

Calico Hills Loop (Visitor Center to Red Springs Pass)

Calico I / Moenkopi Loop
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Calico I / Moenkopi Loop - The starting point for this easy hike is the Red Rock Visitor Center which does not require a drive around the scenic loop. The loop proceeds north on a slight ridge between the scenic loop drive and the Calico Hills to the Calico I Overlook, then turns west and intersects to Moenkopi Trail. At that point, you can either take the direct line back to the visitor center or take the broader loop section of Moenkopi. Distances will range from 2 to 4 miles, depending on the actual route chosen. Elevation gain is less than 300 feet.

Calico Tanks
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Calico Tanks - Perhaps the most scenic official hike in Red Rock Canyon, the trail begins at Sandstone Quarry about 2.6 miles along the scenic loop. The route generally proceeds up a drainage canyon in the middle of the Calico Hills, with great sandstone formations on either side. Near the turn around point of this moderate out-and-back hike is a natural tank in the rock that holds water much of the year. A short section of fairly intense rock scrambling around the tank brings you to an overlook ledge above Calico Basin with views of Las Vegas. Total distance is 2.8 miles with 800 feet of elevation gain.

Calico Triple Peak
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Calico Triple Peak - This is a great strenuous scramble! It begins with a climb up Ash Canyon from the Red Springs Picnic Area. Continue to the north side of the Calico Hills up to the south peak of Red Cap that is climbed less often. The hike continues along the ridge passing the tanks then traverses via scrambling over to Calico Peak. Next, descend down to the main tank to continue traversing over to Angel Pass Peak. Return to the cars via Angel Pass. Totals: 5.5 miles and 2000 feet of elevation gain.

Cascata Loop
(Bootleg Canyon)

 Cascata Loop - The exclusive private Cascata Golf Course shares a boundary with the Bootleg Canyon trails. By utilizing a few of the bike trails and a section of the River Mountains Trail, hikers can do an 8 mile loop around the beautiful course that has its own waterfall and share of bighorns. Generally, this hike begins at the Railroad Pass Casino on Highway 93/95. The moderate to moderately strenuous hike has 1200 feet of elevation gain.

Cathedral Rock
(Spring Mountains NRA)

Cathedral Rock - The trailhead for this hike is at a parking area at the top of Kyle Canyon Road. From this starting point, the trail climbs a set of switchbacks. The trail winds through Mazie Canyon going past Echo Falls (a short spur trail on the left) as it climbs toward the back of Cathedral Rock. At the back of Cathedral Rock, a trail goes off to the right and climbs to the top using another series of switchbacks. Total distance for the out-and-back hike is 3 miles with 950 feet of elevation gain. A secondary trail head is located at the Echo Trailhead on Echo Road. This trail can be used for Little Falls and Cathedral Rock in combination for 5 miles.

Echo TH - Little Falls/Cathedral Rock/Manhole Cover

Cave Canyon
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Cave Canyon - The starting point for this hike is located at the Cowboy Trails parking on Highway 159 less than one mile west of the Red Rock entrance. A trail brings you past the main stables outbuilding to the mouth of the canyon. This moderately strenuous loop hike on Blue Diamond Hill will climb through Cave Canyon, with about 1/2 mile of fairly intense scrambling over and past rocks and other obstacles. Bring a flashlight to explore one of the two caves in the lower section of the canyon near a 15-foot dry waterfall. About 2 miles into the hike is a canyon junction. If you go to the right, you will soon exit the canyon and can take Fossil Ridge back to the starting point, resulting in a 5 mile hike. Going to the left continues some scrambling in the canyon with a second dry waterfall, a nice view of the Las Vegas Strip and a scramble down through Skull Canyon resulting in 7 miles for the trip. There are optional finishes of the hike. Most of the variations will have between 1100 and 1300 feet of elevation gain.

Up Cave Canyon / Down Skull Canyon

Up Cave Canyon / Down Fossil Ridge

 Up Cave Canyon / Down Boneshaker Hill

Up Cave Canyon / Las Vegas Overlooks / Down Muffins

Up Cave Canyon / Down Echo Canyon

Cave Springs
(Spring Mountains NRA)

Cave Springs - This moderate hike starts by climbing the entire length of Trail Canyon Trail to its junction with the North Loop Trail. Turning left onto the North Loop Trail, the hike heads toward Mt. Charleston and continues climbing as it approaches the base of Mummy Mountain. In something less than one mile, the trail passes a wooden horse watering trough on the slope below the springs. Hoses connect the trough with the springs above, providing a constant source of water for trail riders. Total distance for the out-and-back hike is 5.5 miles with 2100 feet of elevation gain.

Champion Road Loop
(Spring Mountains NRA)

Champion Road Loop - This is an easy trek starting from the Sawmill Trailhead on Lee Canyon Road. After crossing the paved highway, start down a dirt road (Champion Road) and continue following it until reaching Deer Creek Road. The route then descends along the pavement until reaching either a steep trail down to the wash below or until the pavement and wash meet. The wash (Lee Canyon wash) is followed back to where Champion Road crosses it where you turn left to return to the cars. This 3.5 miles loop has 500 feet of elevation gain. Champion Road can also be combined with a hike to Lee Canyon narrows on down the wash for a moderate hike.

Children's Discovery Trail
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Children's Discovery Trail - This easy trail is less than one mile long and has around 150 feet of elevation gain. Leaving from the first parking turnout on the Willow Springs Spur Road on the scenic loop at mile marker 7, the trail visits the Lost Creek waterfall and passes by some of the ancient writings left by the Early Paiute people.

Cholla Forest via Seven Falls
(Lake Mead NRA)

Cholla Forest via Seven Falls - This is a moderately strenuous hike that begins at the water tower at the end of a maintained dirt road located on the left one mile past the Lake Mead NRA Boulder Basin fee booth. The route climbs up a canyon with several interesting dry falls, climbs over a ridge, follows a dirt road up to an area where teddy bear cholla cacti thrive, then finds another colorful canyon to descend. Bighorn sheep are often seen along the route. The entire favorite Lake Mead hike is 7 miles with 1400 feet of elevation gain.

Cleopatra Wash
(Lake Mead NRA)

Cleopatra's Wash - The start of the hike occurs off Boathouse Cove Road, just before Mile Marker 30 on Northshore Road. This is about 26 miles from the intersection with Lake Mead Boulevard. High clearance vehicles are required. The hike follows the wash in the direction of Lake Mead, bypassing several dry waterfalls before crossing a ridge and picking up a trail that takes you down to Cleopatra Cove on the lake. A significant part of the hike includes minor scrambling in the wash. There are several stunning rock formations along the route. Total distance for the moderately strenuous hike is 6 miles with a net elevation gain of 800 feet on the return.

Cockscomb Ridge
(Spring Mountains NRA)

Cockscomb Ridge - To get to Cockscomb Ridge, climb the Trail Canyon Trail from Kyle Canyon to the junction with the North Loop Trail. As you approach the junction, turn right on a fainter trail and proceed onto the ridge. Immediately, you are treated to great views of Fletcher Canyon. The moderate trail continues along the ridge for about 1/2 mile. As it nears the comb, sections of the trail are very steep and there is some  rock scrambling at the end. If you are doing this as an out-and-back hike from Trail Canyon, the distance is about 5 miles with a 1600 foot gain.

Colorful Canyon
(Lake Mead NRA)
Colorful Canyon - This moderate to moderately strenuous hike begins at the 22.5 mile marker trailhead (the one with the restroom) on Northshore Road. The loop is 7.5 miles with 1300 feet of elevation gain. Points of interest include fossilized camel tracks, some wash scrambling, a red rock canyon, a gypsum filled wash and a bit of climbing on the return.

Conglomerate Gardens
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Conglomerate Gardens - At almost 6.5 miles, this moderate loop begins at the Cowboy Trails parking and heads up on one of the outer fossil ridge trails. By taking two or three right turns up an elevation gain of 1000 feet, the bike trail ends up just at the border of the gypsum mine where it turns to descend on a very winding trek. The route takes hikers and bikers through nature's garden of conglomerate rock and cacti.

Cottonwood Canyon Park
(Las Vegas - Summerlin)

Cottonwood Canyon Park - Maintained by the Summerlin Council, Cottonwood Canyon is located between South Hualapai Way and County Road 215 on the east and west and between Alta and Park Run on the north and south. The parking entrance is off of Park Run just west of Town Center on Canyon Bluff Court. From the entrance to the park, you can hike either east or west. The easy route follows an arroyo that can be full of water during heavy rainfalls. There are many interesting things to see along the way, including a wide variety of plants and some wildlife. As a complete figure eight hike, the total distance is 3 miles with minimal elevation change.

Cottonwood Pass Loop
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Cottonwood Pass Loop - The starting point for this moderate trek is found by driving west on Highway 160 about 6 miles from the intersection with Highway 159, then turning left and driving about 0.7 miles on a gravel road to a small parking area on the left. The route begins by going up toward Mt. Potosi then loops around to the left on a trail. After climbing a hill the bikers have named Satan's Escalator, the route drops down the other side an returns via Red Valley (or Dead Horse Canyon). The hike is 7 miles with 1100 feet of elevation gain.

Cottonwood Valley
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Cottonwood Valley - The easiest place to access Cottonwood Valley is from the Late Night Trailhead parking lot on Highway 160 about 4.5 miles west of the junction with Highway 159. There are about 40 miles of trail and roads that are suitable for hiking and biking all relatively flat and accommodating for fast-paced walking. The Landmine Loop Trail comes fairly close to Bonnie Springs in the northern part of the valley. A dirt road goes west from the Inner Loop Trail and provides access into Black Velvet Canyon. Distances for hikes can vary from 3 miles to as many as you wish to hike. Elevation gain is generally minimal.

Cowboy Horse Trails
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

 Cowboy Horse Trails - This easy 3.5 mile loop begins at the Cowboy Trails parking found one mile west of the Red Rock Canyon Scenic Loop entrance. The route uses popular horse trails that pass the corral and climb a small peak. The route then passes through a gravel wash and up through an easy small wash below The Muffins ending at the mouth of Skull Canyon. The horse trails are often rocky or sandy since the horses tear them up on a regular basis. There is only 450 feet of elevation gain.