Dale's Trail
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Dale's Trail - Dale's Trail does not have a direct trailhead off any of the parking areas in Red Rock. It is accessed by heading west from either the Ice Box Canyon or the Pine Creek parking areas on the scenic loop, utilizing the trails of those names for short distances. Dale's Trail rolls through several drainages and has picturesque views of Red Rock from the main ridge. If done from Ice Box Canyon, total distance for an out-and-back hike would be 4.7 miles. If done from Pine Creek, the distance would be 5.3 miles. Depending on your start and end points, the hike is either easy or moderate. It can also be done as a point to point hike by spotting cars at the destination. Total distance would then be about 3 miles. If doing this, cars should be spotted at Ice Box Canyon trail head to avoid driving the loop twice.

Dale's Trail as a point-to-point hike from Pine Creek to Ice Box Canyon.

Deer Creek
(Spring Mountains NRA)
Deer Creek O&B - This easy to moderate hike begins at the parking area for the Deer Creek picnic area on Highway 158. The out & back route climbs a gravel road to an area of private homes, turns around at a nice overlook of Mummy's Nose Mountain and returns along the Deer Creek drainage through the picnic area. Along the way, a turn off from the main road takes you a short distance to the site of an old sawmill. Total distance is about 3 miles with 700 feet of elevation gain.

Deer Creek/Catch Pen Loop
(Spring Mountains NRA)

Deer Creek/Catch Pen Loop - This strenuous 10 mile loop route begins on Deer Creek Road (Hwy 158) at the Orange Trail trailhead near the Desert View Overlook. The hike descends on the first half, loops at an old spring and cattle catch pen then climbs the remaining part of the hike. Either direction works fine but there is an elevation gain of 1950 feet on the return. An option is a moderate point to point hike from Deer Creek Road to Lee Canyon Road using a cross trail at the catch pen which is located on the east (& bottom) side of the loop. This option is only 7 miles with 600 feet of gain on the downhill hike.

Deer Creek / Catch Pen Loop

 Orange Trail Point to Point via Catch Pen

Deer Creek / Meadows Loop
(Spring Mountains NRA)

Deer Creek / Meadows Loop - This hike utilizes a previously used portion of the Deer Creek Road. Leaving the Deer Creek Picnic Area parking lot, it drops down into an adjacent wash and picks up the old Deer Creek Road. After following this old route up for just over a mile, cross the new road and connect with the North Loop Trail. The route climbs up to the large "meadow" saddle then crosses over to the Wild Horse Ridge where it eventually drops down through the Deer Creek Picnic Area to finish. The moderate hike is 5 miles with 1350 feet of elevation gain.

Dragon Canyon
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Dragon Canyon - This is a canyon that parallels Ash Canyon until it junctions with Ash Canyon at its summit. The overlook views are very colorful in all directions. The moderately strenuous route begins and ends at the dirt parking on Sandstone Drive in the Calico Basin. Usually the route is combined with a descent through Gateway Canyon where elevation gain is about 1100 feet. A slightly shorter route climbs over 5 Stop Hill for the return. This moderate to moderately strenuous route is 4 miles with the same amount of gain.

Dragon Canyon / Gateway Loop

Dragon Canyon / 5 Stop Hill Loop

Dunes & Slots
(Valley of Fire State Park)

Dunes & Slots - This is a route in Valley of Fire that utilizes many obscure slots, rock scrambling, sandstone walls and sand dunes. The route should only be attempted with guidance the first time as there can be several wrong turns. The strenuous hike is around 5 miles with approximately 1200 feet of elevation gain. For further information on this or any other hikes in the Valley of Fire State Park, contact Brian Dodd. (briandodd (at) cox.net)