Keystone Thrust
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Keystone Thrust - This hike begins at the White Rock Trailhead parking area at the end of the gravel road that starts at Mile Marker 6 of Red Rock scenic loop. The loop hike starts on the White Rock Trail, then turns right onto the Keystone Trail and winds behind a limestone outcropping known as Cactus Hill. Total out and back distance to the top of Keystone Thrust Canyon is 2 miles. That distance can be extended by dropping into the canyon to view the thrust anomaly and returning to the trailhead as a loop around Cactus Hill and/or down the Keystone Wash, under the Scenic Loop Road to the junction of the Grand Circle Trail. A right turn will take hikers back up to the White Rock Road. Total stats for the loop hike are 3.5 miles with 700 feet of elevation gain. There are remains of an old car chop operation on the hillside above the thrust area.

Keystone Thrust Loop

Sandstone Quarry / Keystone Thrust Loop

Kraft Mountain Loop
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Kraft Mountain Loop - Also known as the Gateway Canyon Loop, this hike begins at the Red Springs picnic area at Calico Basin. The trail climbs to a saddle west of Kraft Mountain and drops into Lower Gateway Canyon. The next 1.25 miles of the hike is in the drainage, with about 1/2 mile including some challenging rock scrambling down the canyon. A variation after crossing the saddle and two optional starting points for the hike result in a total distance of 4 to 6 miles. From Red Spring Picnic Area, the loop hike is 5.5 miles with 1000 feet of elevation gain.

Kraft Traverse
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Kraft Traverse - Kraft Mountain can be traversed in many directions. The easiest scrambles are from west to east or east to west. All scrambles could be considered strenuous. Kraft Mountain is full of fun rocks to climb! Some examples of traverses are found below.

East to West

West to East

East to West including Gateway Canyon return

South to North

Kyle Canyon Drainage
(Spring Mountains NRA)

Kyle Canyon Drainage - After the Springs Mountains NRA Visitor Center was built in 2015, the trails were improved below Old Town. Now there is a nice descent route of connecting trails that begin at the Echo Trailhead in Kyle Canyon and end at the Visitor Center. This route takes hikers through the interesting little township of Old Town and down the Acastus Trail, named for a rare butterfly found in that area. The point to point hike can finish with a perusal of the visitor center and surroundings trails. The easy to moderate descent hike point to point is 5 miles with 130 feet of elevation gain and 1000 feet of elevation loss.