Jean's Peak
(Lake Mead NRA)

Jean's Peak - Named for a beloved hiker, this peak rises up alongside the Northshore Road near mile marker 25 where the hike begins. There is a substantial cairn built on a bench that is visible from below. The moderately strenuous hike scrambles up through a canyon then exits to the right at the saddle. It continues around the next deep wash then ascends to the cairn and the following peak along the ridge. The partial loop route returns to the saddle and drops to the other side into Jean's Canyon to return to the cars. The short hike is 4.5 miles with 1200 feet of elevation gain.


Juniper Canyon
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Juniper Canyon - The steepest canyon in the escarpment on the west side of Red Rock, Juniper Canyon is situated between Oak Creek and Pine Creek Canyons near the base of Rainbow Mountain. An out-and-back hike totaling 5 miles, virtually all of the 1300 foot climb is in a 1-mile stretch after leaving the Knoll Trail. This stretch provides some very strenuous scrambling over rocks and boulders and even the partial trail is extremely steep. The hike normally starts from the Pine Creek trailhead on the scenic loop. The customary snack break is at the base of 1000-foot Rainbow Wall. Views out of the canyon are extraordinary.

Juniper Peak
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Juniper Peak - This peak is located just south of Pine Creek Canyon where it begins. The route either climbs up through moderately strenuous Juniper Canyon or up from the canyon below Terrace Canyon on a strenuous climb. The out and back hike through Juniper Canyon is 5.5 miles with 2350 feet of elevation gain. The loop hike up through the bottom of Terrace Canyon and down Juniper Canyon is 7 miles with 2500 feet of elevation gain.

Out and back through Juniper Canyon

Juniper Peak Loop