Oak Creek
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Oak Creek - There are three trailheads that service moderate trails heading toward Oak Creek Canyon. The first is inside the scenic loop at the end of a gravel road that starts at Mile Marker 12. The second is on Highway 159 about 3.7 miles past the Red Rock entrance. The third is the Scenic Loop exit parking lot which allows an approach to Oak Creek Canyon by way of use trails across the desert. All hikes use out-and-back or partial loop routes. From inside the scenic loop, the distance is 2.7 miles. From outside, the distance is up to 5.3 miles, if you take the trail behind Potato Knoll that follows a side ridge into the canyon. Total elevation gain is between 250 and 350 feet.

Out-n-Back Route from Scenic Loop Exit

Partial Loop Hike from Hwy 159 around Potato Knoll

Old Deer Creek Road & Champion Ridge
(Spring Mountains NRA)

Old Deer Creek Road & Champion Ridge - This easy to moderate hike begins at the Orange Trailhead located 1/3 mile southeast of the Desert View Overlook on Deer Creek Road (Hwy 158). Cross the pavement and start northwest on the remains of the old Deer Creek Road. A rocky peak outcropping can be climbed along the way and the trail continues down until the road deteriorates. Here, take a sharp turn to drop down to the pavement and cross the road. Here, the route continues up and along a limestone ridge above Lee Canyon. The out and back hike is 4 miles with 650 feet of elevation gain that is mostly earned on the return.