No Name Loop
(Spring Mountains NRA)

No Name Loop - The No Name Trail is a non-maintained section of trail that was formerly part of the old Bonanza Trail. It is accessed by hiking west on the Upper Bristlecone Trail from the ski resort for one mile until reaching a sharp right turn on that trail. No Name goes off to the left and climbs through a steep wash to an overlook above Lee Canyon. From the overlook, the trail follows a ridge to the north and intersects with the regular Bonanza Trail. The hike is completed by descending on the Bonanza Trail and turning right on Upper Bristlecone to the start. Total distance is 5 miles with 1000 feet of elevation gain.

Route Clockwise


North Blue Diamond Ridges
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

North Blue Diamond Ridges - This hike also starts at the Cowboy Trails parking lot on Highway 159. The route follows a trail up a steep ridge known as Boneshaker, continuing to climb for 2.25 miles. At that point, take the trail to the right that eventually crosses both upper branches of Cave Canyon and climbs to an abandoned mining road. Follow the road for about 1/2 mile and turn right at the cairn marking the Fossil Ridge Trail. Take the trail back to the parking lot. Total distance for this loop hike is 6.2 miles with 1000 feet of elevation gain.

Boneshaker Hill to Fossil Ridge

North Bowl of Fire
(Lake Mead NRA)

North Bowl of Fire - The starting point for this 8 mile point to point hike is just past Mile Marker 20 on Northshore Road. The hike begins climbing the hill beyond the trailhead and follows the ridge until a steep descent turns to the left. A trail crosses the desert and drops into a wash. As the route continues into the deep red sandstone it takes on a decided scrambling aspect. At one point those involved in the hike must climb through a rabbit hole where some webbing would be helpful. As the route continues up toward the top of the sandstone area known as the Fire Cliffs, a short side trip through a crack leads to Raven's Balcony, a great overlook spot just right for a snack. After descending, continue around to another wash that leads back to Callville Road and across to the mile marker 18 turnout. Elevation gain is around is 1100 feet and elevation loss is 1600 feet.

North Fork of Main Fork Pine Creek
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

North Fork of Main Fork Pine Creek - This moderately strenuous scrambling canyon is accessed from the Pine Creek Trailhead on the Red Rock scenic loop. After finding the canyon to the south of Mescalito Peak, the first right fork is taken. The normal stopping point is a large dry waterfall that can be climbed up the right end of it. Totals for this hike are 5.5 miles with 1000 feet of hard earned elevation gain.

North Loop / Fletcher Canyon
(Spring Mountains NRA)

North Loop / Fletcher Canyon - This is a moderately strenuous point to point route that begins at the North Loop Trailhead on Highway 158 and ends at the Fletcher Canyon Trailhead on Highway 157. There is a 5 mile drive between trailheads. The route ascends the North Loop past the saddle and switchbacks to reach Raintree for a break. Then it continues down the North Loop until reaching the second large wash crossing. The descent in the wash is slightly treacherous until reaching the large lone boulder landmark. Here, a beautiful descent down the whole of Fletcher Canyon awaits. The rabbit hole at Obstacle Rock is required before hiking out the Fletcher Canyon Trail. The hike is 8 miles; 1600 feet of elevation gain; and, 3000 feet of elevation loss.

North Peak (Limestone)
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

North Peak (Limestone) - This is a 12-mile out-and-back hike that starts at Willow Springs Picnic Area and follows Rocky Gap Road to Red Rock Summit where a trail leads to the south which accesses either North Peak or Bridge Mountain. The trail climbs somewhat steeply for about one mile, winding through a scrub forest, until it tops out on a ridge behind the escarpment. Turn left at the sign for about 1/3 mile to the peak, which is a 40-foot high outcropping at the end of a ridge. Total climb is 2800 feet. The views from the summit are breathtaking.

North Peak (Limestone) is the high point of Two North Peaks Hike below:

North Peak (Sandstone)
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

North Peak (Sandstone) - A sandstone outcropping on a ridge above Ice Box Canyon, this North Peak offers some very strenuous hiking with some great scrambling. At about 8 miles total, the trail to the peak can be accessed either by walking up Rocky Gap Road for 2.2 miles from Willow Springs Picnic Area or by boulder scrambling through the drainage feeding Red Rock Wash. About 2000 feet of the total climb of 2600 feet is in the last 1.8 miles to the peak. An elliptical route must be taken getting to the peak to avoid a deep cut on a direct line to the summit. The return is generally down Rocky Gap Road as it is the easiest route to negotiate on tired legs.

Route Up Wash & Down Rocky Gap Road

North Sister
(Spring Mountains NRA)

North Sister - This very strenuous mountain can be climbed in a few ways, none of which are easier than the other. It lies on the Sisters Range between South Sister and White Sister. It is the most foreboding of the sisters. The AtBF club members have done a South to North Sisters Traverse at 5 miles and 2270 feet elevation gain. And, a route the included North and Black Sisters with similar statistics.

South / North using Old Mill Approach

South / North using Macks Canyon Road

North / Black from Lee Canyon Road

North / South Traverse
(Valley of Fire State Park)

North / South Traverse - This 6 mile point to point traverse of the Valley of Fire State Park has an elevation gain of between 2000 and 2400 feet depending on whether the hike routes around or up and over the mesas. There is a lot of tough scrambling but the adventure and colorful views are worth the strenuous effort. For more information, contact Brian Dodd (briandodd (at) cox.net).

North Wind Wash Loop
(Lake Mead NRA)

North Wind Wash Loop - This moderate partial loop hike starts in a wide wash at a turnout near mile marker 10 on Northshore Road. The wash leads to a large area of redstone to explore. The route returns through a series of smaller colorful washes. The hike is 9 miles with 1000 feet of elevation gain.

Northern Calico Hills Low Elevation Wander
(Red Rock Canyon NCA)

Northern Calico Hills Low Elevation Wander - This easy to moderate hike was developed to visit several of the most interesting points among the cream colored sandstone in the northern Calico Hills without climbing. Much of it is similar to the Ash Canyon Overlook hike. There is a small amount of scrambling but no exposure. The 4 mile route is located at the Sandstone Quarry trailhead off of the scenic loop and has around 700 feet of elevation gain.

Northshore Peak
(Lake Mead NRA)

Northshore Peak - This hike starts from a fairly large parking area on the north side of Northshore Road across from the peak near Mile Marker 20. There is no trail or marker for the hike. The route starts on the south side of the road, crosses a few shallow drainages, then starts up a series of steep ridges to the top, which is not much more than one mile from the starting point. The hike is best done as a loop. This route descends south off the peak into a scenic canyon, then circles counterclockwise climbing up a long drainage to a saddle and down into another scenic canyon with dry waterfalls that can be hiked around. Total distance for the loop is 5 miles with 1000 feet of elevation gain.